Translator bot

This translator bot was coded by the Feral Boy. These are the commands to use it:

@ Manually set the target language for the current line, like so: @es Hello friends. This should translate “Hello friends” to Spanish. The source language is detected automatically. Here you can find the ISO codes for languages.

This is more than enough to have fun with the translator. Other commands include:

!auto [src_iso_code] [dest_iso_code] Sets the automatic translation from the source language to the target language as specified in the command.

!auto off [dest_iso_code] Disables automatic translation to the specified target language.

!auto show Displays the current source and target language or languages in place in the channel.

!auto off Clears all rules for automatic translations in the channel.

Acest server a fost creat cu Linux, Vim, pandoc, UnrealIRCd, Nginx și Kiwi IRC